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Gardening Advice for Seniors

Aug 10, 2015 by Anonymous

Gardening is a frequently mentioned activity that seniors look forward to spending more time on after retirement. With freed up schedules leaving plenty of time for recreational pursuits, many seniors look forward to spending time in their garden. Unfortunately, at just this time when seniors hoped to devote more time to the garden some of the tasks required become more challenging. With these gardening tips, seniors can continue to enjoy their time in the garden.

Start Small

It may not be a good idea to plow a half acre garden as soon as the retirement party is over. Improve your existing garden or get started with something small if this is the first step into the gardening world. A container garden can be a good way to begin with limited work required. Adding dirt and plants to containers eliminates the need to make ground ready for planting, which is often a significant part of the job. Containers can also be placed where it is easy to reach them for pruning, weeding, and harvesting the results.

Raised Beds

Planting vegetables and other plants in raised beds makes them much easier to reach for weeding and maintaining your plants. You may be able to sit on a stool in order to complete gardening tasks rather than squatting or attempting to kneel on the ground. If mobility is an issue, a raised bed can make a large difference in your ability to garden.

Ground Cover

If maintaining a large yard is becoming a challenge, consider ground cover to replace grass or flower beds. These ground covers can be allowed to run wild once they are established without having an overgrown or unmaintained effect. Choose a groundcover that works in your soil and the level of sun in the area you would like to cover and enjoy beautiful results within a few seasons.


Instead of mulch that tends to allow weeds through, choose rocks or gravel to minimize gardening work. Especially in hot, dry climates “dessert landscaping” or “hardscaping” can create lovely settings without plants and weeds to content with. Consider different stones, water features, and patios to cover ground that will not require maintenance.

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