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How to Care for the Caregiver

Oct 27, 2015 by Anonymous

Having an elderly parent who needs care has become an issue for millions of Americans.  It can be fairly difficult to manage even when the person needing assistance with their care is living near their family members.  These family caregivers normally add this to the responsibilities they already have such as jobs and raising children.  Though undertaking this endeavor can have its rewards, it is important to keep a healthy balance in life for the caretaker.


Caregivers need help to minimize the personal toll that caring for a loved one can cause.  They need to have regular breaks for their own physical and mental health.  It is essential to schedule regular time to accomplish other responsibilities as well as periods of rest from all obligations.  Research has demonstrated that caregivers routinely have physical side effects from high stress levels, suffer from new physical problems or worsening ailments. They may also show signs of depression.  Further crippling the person is guilt that can be heaped upon them by the senior themselves or other family members.  Everybody wants “more” and the caregiver tries to make everyone happy, except themselves.  When this person’s health declines as a result of the overwhelming needs of those around them, while ignoring their own, a downward spiral can occur.


In-home senior care providers can offer respite care for those who have taken on this new obligation, to occasionally relieve them of their duty.  Options such as other family members or friends, and daycare centers for seniors can be of assistance.  Professional in-home caregiving with Comfort Keepers provides respite care for seniors on a temporary or lasting basis depending on your family’s needs.  We offer free consultations within the senior’s home to make an assessment of their needs. We offer services to relieve the main caregiver in the area that is most needed by both the caretaker and the parent through personalize care plans. 


Taking advantage of such an agency can give the caregiver more time to re-energize themselves and improve their own health.  This can be a benefit to all involved.  

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