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Simple Tips to Stop Overeating

Nov 8, 2015 by Anonymous

These simple tips can be implemented immediately and you will see the results rapidly too.


We are all under the misconception there are no small, short ways to improve our eating habits.  We are “dieting” for weeks, months or longer to be healthier and slimmer.  Though some habits do take longer to develop into a regular routine, these next few tips can be a quick start to your weight loss goal. 


The first one is to eat your salad first.  Wow, sounds easy, doesn’t it, but why does it matter so much?  When we eat fresh fruit and vegetables when we are initially hungry, they fill our stomachs up with healthy choices.  We will then eat less of the more “fattening” foods such as starches and main dishes.  So in essence we will be satisfied, but on a lot less calories and foods that are better for us.


The second one is also quite easy to accomplish.  Don’t put serving dishes on the table.  Either serve or have your family serve themselves in the kitchen before sitting down at the table.  If we don’t see the extra food that is waiting in the kitchen we may not desire another helping or give into temptation. 


Serving sizes are also a way to cut calories from your dinner plate.  We can use smaller plates, thus eating a lot less food than we are accustomed to.  If you are one of the many people who consistently clean their plates out of habit, you will still be eating less than before. 


The last two tips occur in the kitchen.  If you are a slow cooker chef, simply swap out certain ingredients to create a healthier dish.  By exchanging half of the potatoes, rice or pasta and doubling the vegetables, your recipe can keep the volume of meat and still taste great.  Lastly, and easiest of all, hide all foods that are not good for you.  If you absolutely have to purchase them, don’t hide them behind the fruit bowl, but literally out of sight.  If you don’t see them regularly, you won’t eat them.  Start on your easy tips today and see the difference soon!

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