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Spring Safety Tips For Seniors

Apr 13, 2015 by Anonymous

Springtime is not just for deep cleaning the house. It is also the perfect time to perform a complete safety review of your home. This is particularly important for seniors, and you can help your loved ones make their homes safe and secure.


In conjunction with your spring cleanup, it is a good idea to change the batteries in each smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in your senior’s home. Test the operation of each alarm and ensure that fire extinguishers are within reach and ready to operate.


If furniture is getting a bit creaky, your senior may not always speak up about it. A thorough walk-through of the house once a year can uncover any furniture that is becoming unsafe. If it is not sturdy enough for use, make sure it is repaired or removed. Don’t forget about outdoor furniture as well.

Medical Alerts

Many seniors have medical alert jewelry or an emergency button to keep with them. Now is the time to check with them that they continue to wear them. If something has been lost or new medical information makes an alert necessary, you can order the identification that they need.

Emergency Plan

It may seem like overkill to review an emergency safety plan each year, but having it fresh in mind helps seniors to not panic when an emergency does occur. Talk about escape routes in case of fire and who to call when emergencies occur. Display a contact list near the telephone.


Tiles chip, vinyl peels, and rugs begin to curl. Check the flooring and floor covers throughout the house to ensure that tripping hazards have not developed. A minor area of damage or unleveled floor could cause a serious fall if it is not repaired.


Secure railings are a must in the homes of seniors. As we age, we depend more and more upon the security that a sturdy railing provides as we go up and down stairs. If you can make a railing wobble, have it properly secured so that it does not become loose. Also speak with your senior about other areas where they may require a railing or grab bar. They may be thinking that they would like one in the bathroom but do not want to mention it. Look for potential problem areas for them and be the one to ask.


Expired medication can be ineffective or unsafe if consumed, but many seniors do not like to dispose of their costly prescription medication. At least this one time each year, convince them that it is time to let go of some of the unnecessary medications filling up their cabinet. Less clutter will be less confusing when it comes to deciding what they need to take. This is also a great time to update medication and doctor lists so that your senior has a comprehensive and convenient medical file on hand.

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