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Senior Spring Cleaning

Apr 22, 2015 by Anonymous

Today’s seniors grew up at a time when spring cleaning was a significant task. Scrubbing and freshening up the house from top to bottom was an annual chore that could be looked forward to because it was a harbinger of warm, sunny days to come. While seniors may continue to enjoy the tradition of spring cleaning, they may need assistance with some of the work. With a little help, spring cleaning can make a senior’s home more safe and healthy for them to live in.

Clutter Clearing

We all have it, but in a senior’s home too much clutter can create potential for a dangerous trip and fall. Sorting through papers and items that have accumulated in piles through the winter can be therapeutic. Getting organized and removing unsafe obstacles from the home can be very fulfilling work, and you might find a few things you’ve been looking for. Don’t forget about outside as well. Clear walkways and sturdy furniture are a must for your senior’s safety.

Emergency Prep

Spring is an ideal time to check the operation of fire alarms, HVAC systems, and carbon monoxide monitors. Replace batteries and run tests on each item to ensure that they can be counted on when needed. This is also a good time to review that medical alerts are in place or being worn as intended. Review the plan that is in place in case the senior ever does have an emergency to make sure they know where to go and who to call.

Medicine Assessment

Many seniors don’t like to through things away. Unfortunately, this includes old medications that have expired, weren’t effective, or are no longer needed. This can lead to confusion when a prescription is needed. Keeping a log of medicines, their purpose, dosage, and any other notes will help you keep track of these items, but it is also important to clear out the cabinet during spring cleaning. You will reduce the risk that the senior in your care will accidentally take the wrong medicine by eliminating unnecessary choices.

Squeaky Clean

Of course, scrubbing and dusting remains an essential part of spring cleaning. Eliminating dust, mildew, and other particles that become indoor air pollution is a wonderful part of airing out the house and giving everything a good scrub. The benefits to your senior’s health and wellbeing are great. Remember to dust places that are easy to miss, such as the back of the TV, top of ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Keeping Kitchen

Just as you did with the medicine cabinet, you should inventory the refrigerator and cabinets in the kitchen for expired food or anything else that should be thrown away. Questionable leftovers can lead to serious illness for seniors, so when in doubt throw it out.

As you go through the steps to deep clean, be certain to include your senior in the work. Though they require help, most seniors enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that they gain from a day of hard work. As much as they appreciate your help, they also want to know that they still have much to contribute.

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